Zoomable Product Browser for Elastic Displays

The interaction concept for elastic displays is inspired by the search process of a rummage table to explore a large set of product data. The basic approach uses a similarity-based search pattern – based on a small set of items, the user refines the search result by examining similar items and exchanging them with items from the current result. A physically-based approach is used to interact with the data by deforming the surface of the elastic display. The presented visualization concept uses glyphs to directly compare items at a glance. Zoomable UI techniques controlled by the deformation of the elastic surface allow to display different levels of detail for each item.


Related Publications

Mathias Müller, Mandy Keck, Thomas Gründer, Natalie Hube, Rainer Groh: A Zoomable Product Browser for Elastic Displays. Proceedings xCoAx 2017, 5th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X, Lisbon, Portugal, 2017.


This research has been supported by the European Union and the Free State Saxony through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The concept was developed in the project VANDA that has been conducted in cooperation of the Chair of Media Design -Technische Universität in Dresden, deecoob GmbH from Dresden, Mercateo Services GmbH from Leipzig and chemmedia AG from Chemnitz, Germany.