Get Inspired

The Recommendation-based concept was designed to support and trigger emotionally driven decisions and uses an ontology of concepts as data set that describe a holiday, such as “warm”, “beach”, “party” and “culture”. The “Get Inspired” interface was developed for a travel search with a vague information need. Instead of a direct query on the attribute of the result set, the user communicates his preferences to the system through a selection of concepts represented by expressive images. Based on the previous decision of the user, the system decides which concepts are presented in the next refinement step. For each step, the interface provides the best concepts in terms of a fast reduction of the result set.


Related Publications

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with video for the concept for the Movie-Recommender Choose your Poison & Findr


This research has been supported by the European Union and the Free State Saxony through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The concept was developed in the project VISEA that has been conducted in cooperation of the Chair of Media Design -Technische Universität in Dresden, Unister GmbH from Leipzig and queo GmbH from Dresden, Germany.